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Huron Nursing Home Honors STNA's Perfect Attendance

May 5, 2020
Huron, Ohio - Admiral's Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation would like to congratulate Amanda Edwards on achieving Perfect Attendance! Amanda has been employed as an STNA at Admiral's Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation since 2007. Her residents describe her as passionate, attentive, and charismatic! One resident smiled and recalled how Amanda made them feel special! Amanda is one of the highest seniority STNA's and is well known for her dedication to our residents! Amanda has two daughters and a son ranging in ages from 8-22. Amanda enjoys spending free time with her family hanging out around the house. She enjoys the liveliness of their full house and enjoys spending time with her two granddaughters Taiya and Karielle!

Thank you, Amanda, for your loyalty and dedication to our residents!

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