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Resident Trivia at Admiral's Pointe

April 23, 2020
Huron, Ohio - Lets "Roll the Dice" and learn a little more about each other at Admiral's Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation.
Admirals-Pointe residents got the chance to "roll the dice" and teach us even more about themselves! Fran and Vikki are our sister residents who can always be overhead having fun together.
These sisters both were reluctant at first to tell us their TRUE favorite food, which is ice cream. Fran's least favorite flavor (chocolate) is Vikki's favorite. Needless to say, Fran likes to spoil Vikki with an extra scoop!
Fran and Vikki also enjoy listening to music; in fact, their favorite song is 'Oh Johnny How You Can Love'. Laughing and singing to the music brought up lots of memories including (as you can imagine) their father not approving of them singing 'Oh Johnny How You Can Love'. As nursing home workers, we are truly blessed to get the opportunity to have these conversations. Now we have a new song to enjoy and our fathers to disapprove of!

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